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enigmail on Sarge?

Unfortunately I had to do a new installation on my ppc-Debian-box. And some things don't work yet. I always used without any problems Thunderbird with Enigmail, even after Thunderbird's last upgrade to 1.0. Now it is still 1.0 and I tried to install enigmail as an extension from the mozilla-site but after the restart I got an error message in a pop-up-window that mime/gpg would not work and I should disinstall it (something like that). So I tried with the version from the enigmail-site but it was the same and the developers declared that you might not mix packaged version and original version of thunderbird and enigmail. So I searched debian packets for ppc. I found only two: 0.86.1-1 and 0.90.2-1. When I try to install them I get error messages. With the first it requires a Thunderbird-version older than 0.8, with the second a version => 1.0.2 (not yet available for Sarge). I thought to download the sid-version which is 1.0.3 but since yesterday I can't do a search on the debian-site, don't know why. And anyway, after I have broken my system with the installation of kde 3.4 from kubuntu I prefer to stay with the sarge-debs to be on the secure side. Has anybody an advice how to get enigmail working in Thunderbird? (It was this the reason why I changed from Opera!)

Composed and send with Thunderbird on Debian "Sarge" (PPC)

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