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Re: dual output using an iBook 2.2


> there seems to be a good chance I can get a dual output with my iBook 2.2, but
> I fail to find references to FWPPL under the radeon_driver.c file (according
> to
> http://ibook.realpath.org/configuration?DokuWiki=abcfda33da55b497f802b4205521569c
> the patch found under
> http://linuxuanl.org/~jpablo/stuff/ibook-screen/radeon-new.diff 
> should work.

I was looking at the possibility of this working; 
how is your experience ?

I've got up to having signals output from ibook, but I 
couldn't get things properly output; 
they looked yellow and a bit blurred.

(a photo of the dual-display with my iBook G4 12")


Junichi Uekawa, Debian Developer
17D6 120E 4455 1832 9423  7447 3059 BF92 CD37 56F4

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