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Re: pbbuttonsd patch for eject button on pb5,6

Hello Matthew,

On Sat, Apr 02, 2005 at 09:25:46AM +0000, Matthew Denner wrote:
> I don't know whether anyone would find this useful but I took Johannes
> patch and have started to provide the 'fn' key within the hid code so
> that it acts as a modifier, rather than maps to right control.
I see that "right control" seems not quite canonical.
But nevertheless, wouldn't it be more flexible to provide
the interpretation of the fn-key in user space (via keyboard
mappings) instead of in the kernel.

Advantages of this approach:
* allows the user to use combinations like fn-a etc. for private purposes
  by just changing the keymap
* keeps the kernel code smaller

As a proof of concept you can have a look at the keymaps provided at
my web page http://seehuhn.de/comp/powerbook/ .  They provide correct
bindings for the fn key using Johannes' patch.

All the best,

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