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Re: swim driver question for 2.6

So it looks like I spoke to soon.  Replacing all the 2.4 interrupt
handling routines from 2.4 to their 2.6 equivalents allowed the swim3
module to compile and load, but not function properly.  In trying to
mount a floppy as either a user or as root, I get the following:

/dev/fd0: Input/output error
mount: /dev/fd0: can't read superblock

So with the changes to the driver (cli, sti and restore_flags replaced
by local_irq equivalents), did I miss something with the
initialization of the drive ?

Also, is there any way to make this driver module removable ?  Once
it's loaded, the module cannot be removed, and /proc/modules says that
swim3 is [permanent] ...  Anything I can do to change this, at least
for testing and debugging ?


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