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pbbuttonsd 0.6.8beta1 has been released for testing


As consequence of the high number of critical bugs in the last release I
publish a beta release first this time:

                                  PBButtonsd 0.6.8beta1
                 available at: http://pbbuttons.sourceforge.net

This beta release has got a new internal configuration file management
which allows to save options of inactive modules too. This becomes
necessary with introduction of the ALSA mixer module.

Beside this the mixer could be automatically detected at startup, the
tapping of the trackpad could be temporarely disabled while typing on
the keyboard and last but not least some minor bugs have been fixed.

This is a beta release and should be used for testing only. Please play
with it and report any bugs or comments to me or to the pbbuttons
mailing list.

Best Regards

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