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Switching consoles

When I installed ZipSlack on my girlfriend's laptop there was a thing where you could switchc between "virtual consoles" I think they were called. It was by pressing alt+left orr alt+right, does debian have something like that? And if so what are the keys? And if they are the same can I change them, reason being the Alt/Option button on the left side of my keyboard is dead for some reason. I am interested in this because I would like to be able to spend more time in debian compiling and whatnot, and rright now the only way I can do that is if I have a download going in the background for Sarge. Is there a way to write files to/take files from, my OS X partition in debian? I tried mounting, which I thought would work, but I guess I can't read what's actually there because when I installed X I formatted in Mac OS Extended, or whatever it's called. What I have been doing thus far is using the 512 chunk I mentioned earlier as a storage device, ie used mac-fdisk to make it Apple_HFS, and then used OS X to format it to the standard one. When I did my limited work in minix there was a suite of tools called dostools I think, in which you didn't mount anything but put in a command and then the patition number, and the address of the file in that partition's tree and optionally a | <command> is there something like that for debian?


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