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PowerMac G4 Single Prozessor Power Supply

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 09:40:15 -0500, Barry Schiffman <barrynyc@gmail.com> wrote:
> We found one on eBay for about $60. Someone had reworked an ATX power
> supply for the G4 and it's been working fine. If you search on the web
> you can find the instruction for refitting the ATX's -- if that kind
> of stuff doesn't bother you, it didn't seem to be that hard.

That sounds like a good idea -- if the G4 had been mine and not a
customer's I might have tried it. But she was trying to run a business
on it, and I told her the first thing she should do after I fixed it
was to run a decent backup (she had never done).

> I don't understand why Apple uses these more expensive part -- with a
> $200 repair this G4-450 would be obsolete and gone, gone, gone, and
> I'd have a PC in front on me.

Apple and other vendors keep the price high on the service parts
because they can. Because the part costs more than AppleCare then they
can sell more AppleCare, too, which for 90% of their customers is pure

I'm glad to know about the ATX hack. And if anyone wants a very lovely
DEAD G4 power supply from me I just noticed I still have it. It might
be useful for the connectors to splice into an ATX supply.

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