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Re: pbbuttonsd, Fn keys

On Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 05:09:26PM +0100, Wolfram Quester wrote:

> I guess both is accomplished if you change
> KBDMode               = fkeyslast
> to
> KBDMode               = fkeysfirst
> in /etc/pbbuttonsd.conf.
> The default is chosen to imitate the bahaviour of MacOS, IIRC.

Thank you.  Works perfectly.

I tied to set

onAC_coversleep     = yes

but the machine does not go to sleep when I close the lid.  I have
been reading the discussion about the 2.6.11 kernel and sleep on the
list for a while -- I am using the 2.6.10 standard Debian kernel, is
it possible to get sleep with this?


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