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dpkg problems...

Sorry to bother, but I'm a fairly new user and have dug myself into a
hole and my searches of the Debian lists haven't turned up what I'm

Recently did an install of Woody on a Pismo, things have been fine.

Added the Debian testing distributions to my sources.list.  Got a
zillion things to upgrade, which I started in on.

deselect warned me about quitting xdm when it started to install glibc
(I think that was the name).  I quit and tried to stop xdm.  Eventually
figured that out.

Re-ran dselect to return to the install process, but it stopped again on
the xfs install, which (if I remember) said it was broken.  I accepted
the choice to continue.

dselect eventually gave up, saying that dpkg-preconfigure didn't exist,
which was true.

I now have dselect telling me that I've got 37 packages to upgrade, but
nothing happens.  The upgrade clearly isn't complete, as I can type "man
dpkg-preconfigure" and it can't find man.


What's the easiest way to get out of my trouble?  Can I get back to a
stable distro or throw out a package database and start over?

Any info greatly appreciated, and thanks to all that have made LinucPPC
so great!


Charles Turner


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