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Re: powerbook g4 sleep

Vincent Bernat wrote:

Since the PBG4 has a nVidia graphic chip it will not sleep (AFAIK)... at
least until BenH gets one and goes one step forward in becoming a
Benh will not be able to find out how to make it to sleep without some
specs. It is the same story with ATI based one: the sleep started
working when the specs have been submitted by ATI.

Well, you can reverse-engineer or you can read the specs. I'm not a hardware hacker but could the former not even be an option in this case?

When I tried Debian GNU/Linux on my PB and stumbled upon the sleep problem, I googled that IIRC the problem was related to waking up the chip after sleep. Furthermore, someone had noticed the GeForce's .kext even had symbols in it and, out of curiosity, I disassembled the kext. I could find functions and assembly code that _seemed_ to be related to waking up or resetting the chip, I'm not sure on how high/low level though. I could imagine a seasoned guru could understand the relevant code (or lack of it...) better, but since this was months ago I conclude it can't be that simple. Therefore, I'm wondering what is it actually with the nVidia chip that makes the trouble?


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