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Re: powerpc live cd

Gentoo live CD is misleading as their live cd is only ofr installing.
AFAIK it does not boot up a fully functional system from cd.

On Sat, 2005-29-01 at 18:48 +0100, Jack Malmostoso wrote:
> Ciao Guillaume Florey, nel tuo messaggio dicevi:
> > I'm searching an live cd for powerpc like:
> > http://source.rfc822.org/pub/local/gnoppix/gnoppix/beta/hoary_0.9.3b3-powrepc.iso
> > with KDE or kdeedu.
> The Gentoo livecd contains KDE, as well as Rock Linux. I can't remember
> the exact links, sorry.
> -- 
> On Oct 5 1991, 8.53 AM; Linus Benedict Torvalds said:
> >I can (well, almost) hear you asking yourselves "why?". Hurd will be
> >out in a year (or two, or next month, who knows), and I've already got
> >minix.

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