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Re: extended desktop

According to AMAND Antonin, on Tue, 25 Jan 2005 21:23:28 +0100, 
>I know that there were a lot of thread dealing with clone desktop but I 
>was wondering if it is possible to configure my debian-sid to have 
>extended desktop. It is the last thing that make me use macosx more 
>often than debian.
>Thanks for your answers. If it is possible please tell me where to 
>start, I haven't found anything on google.

On my ibook with a radeon 7500 I use mergedfb which provides a way to have extended
desktops with DRI. Otherwise Xinerama should work easily, assuming that you know how to
use your video out (see cloning discussions). With xinerama, you loose DRI though.

Don't know if this applies to your ibook.
Have a look at http://ibook.realpath.org/, section Configuration for some example of
configuration files.


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