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Re: Last ditch on PlanB driver

Hi all

Some progress with planb perhaps..

i generated a 2.4.19 kernel from debian sources and enabled the planb module. dmesg seems to report this is ok but the xawtv side seems to remain problematic.

i have made some notes on my weblog if you are interested...


when i return i am going to play with the X11 and framebuffer options but the ioctl messages are a bit of a worry ;)


Sean Jewett wrote:

Has anyone managed to get the planb driver to work (or better yet, with
the v4l stuff)?  If so, how?  What kernel, what distro, what phase of the

I have beat my head with Debian and now Yellow Dog to no avail. My last ditch effort was to install YDL 2.3 and then install the RPM's Michel offers on his website:


I patched the 2.4.18 kernel with the patch he offers above that. Either 2.4.18 does not work with that RPM (in which case, it might be nice to know) and only works with the 2.2's he offers, or I can only conclude this is a cruel joke. I'm seeing the same thing with the xawtv RPM and 2.4.18 kernel that I saw under Debian, that being this error:

ioctl: VIDIOCSCHAN(0,Composite,flags=0x0,type=2,norm=3): Invalid argument

I would appreciate if anyone can shed light on how they got the driver /
v4l stuff to work.

At a minimum, until I hear of a good solution I hope someone considering using the planb driver on their Macs will think twice. At least this message will be in the archives so others won't devote as much time as I have.



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