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Re: 43p-140 install issues (the end ?)

On Thursday 13 January 2005 17:21, Sven Luther wrote:


> >
> > Now investigating why it won't boot from disk. I suppose a hardware disk
> > problem just after 3 MB on the PReP boot partition....

Ooops, ...after 0.3 MB ...

> More probably a size limit. Make sure you set MODULES=dep in
> /etc/mkinitrd/mkinitrd.conf. The initrd should be 1.5MB and the kernel 1.2
> or so yielding a kernel+initrd which is a bit below the 3MB.

It was a true harware error on one sector of the disk at the very beginning.
So I left a free space of 1 MB before sda1,sized sda1 at 7 MB, dd 
vmlinuZ-2.6.8-powerpc on it and it boots.
Thanks for your help.

But I realized one thing while trying to isolate the problem: Changing 
size/place of partitions with cfdisk needs a reboot for beeing ackowledged by 
the kernel.....I'll see if there is already a bug report for that.


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