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Re: Is the woody kernel dangerous?

    "Joerg" == Joerg Rossdeutscher <ratti@gesindel.de> writes:

    Joerg> Hi, I use an oldworld mac / woody as router:

    Joerg> uname -a Linux aurora 2.4.18-powerpc #1 Fri Apr 9 13:27:56
    Joerg> UTC 2004 ppc unknown

    Joerg> This kernel image is from 2002 (file date in debian
    Joerg> pool). There is no update available for woody.

The version in the archive for kernel-image-2.4.18-powerpc is
2.4.18-1woody5 from a security update. The change log indicates
patches from Apr 2004.


I no longer run Woody at home, and my job no longer requires me to
adminster one. But as I remember my woody boxes (all x86, I'm a
powerpc newbie) you did NOT automatically get the latest kernel by
doing an apt-get update. You had to explicitly get and install the
latest kernel.


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