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vga-out on iBook G4: Where to start?

I know this is the question asked frequently but I could not find an
answer I need after some googling and searching through the mailing
lists... So I decided to ask again.

I have recently installed Debian Sarge on my iBook G4 800 with a Radeon
9200 Mobility display card. Everything works fine and I think the
GUI(GNOME) looks better than Mac OS X after some configurations. Thanks
for all the good work.

Now I would like to enable vga-out so that I can do some presentations
at school with it. But I have totally no idea of where to start. I have
only used a desktop before until now and I haven't even thought of this
before. So I am not very clear about how X handles multiple display. So
would somebody please point me to some well-documented guides?

Btw, I am using:
2.6.9 kernel patched with Ben's sleep-7.
XFree86 4.3.0 (without any patching)


Choy   Kho Yee

Debian is my choice :D
Merry X'mas & Happy New Year!!!

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