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'wireless-tools' or/and 'linux-wlan-ng' / modprobe.d

Hello all

I try to get working my wireless-usb-adapter D-Link DWL-122 (802.11b).
I own a 15"-1.25MHz-Powerbook and use a 2.6.8 Kernel and hotplug.

Now my question: After some internet research I am aware of the two
packages 'wireless-tools' and 'linux-wlan-ng'. Are these two packages
'for the same thing' or fulfil these two packages different things?

I have learned, that systems using kernels newer than 2.6.x do not use
modutils (and modules.conf) but module-init-tools and modprobe.d (and
optional modprobe.conf). How do I create module aliases, now?

Kind regards, Roland

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