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Re: Two questions about Ibook G4

Sylvain "Skarsnik" Colinet wrote:
Hi there.
I recently reinstall a debian on my ibook G4.
I use a sarge net install cd and update to sid.
It's not the first time i run debian on my ibook, all work fine, X,
sleep and co.

First question :
But now I not enable to have a well working Xfree (I loose my odl
config :(), what the magic configuration entry in XF86Config-4 ?

i attach my XF86Config-4, i've got a new ibook g4 1,2GHz

Second question :
It there kernel-image with all the working stuff or config file ? I am
borring of compiling the kernel.

some time ago i asked for an optimal kernel configuration, but it doesn't work very well.
samba don't work, like the sound and i don't like the hard drive light.
moreover when i tried to load the .config file some options have not been recognized.
however you can find the configuration here: http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2004/12/msg00122.html

Thanks to futur help

if my XF86Config-4 is mistaken or someone have a suggestion for the kernel config, is welcome :)


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