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Problem netbooting a prep machine

Hi all!

I am trying to install a Debian on a powerpc 604 machine from Bull

It has firmware 03.03.09 copyright Firmworks.

If it doesn't lie, it is a prep machine.

I made all the stuff for netbooting (dhcd,tftp and so on).Seems OK.

I am loading vmlinuz-prep.initrd ("load net") and the firmware answer:

### : 0 d e  boot-file = vmlinuz-prep.initrd

I examined the memory, the image seems well loaded at load-base (comparing hex 
display of memory at load-base and at load-base+size of vm...with the output 
of hexdump vm....
(only first and last blocs of memory, of course)

then I typed "go" to start execution. firmware answer : ### : 0 d f 
and the machine is frozen.

(of course, "boot net" gives the same result).

Can somebody point me to a right direction ?


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