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multi-function PCI cards + 2.6.x framebuffers

Hey Folks,

Questions about my 8500 running Debian testing:

My 8500 currently has an ATI Rage Pro (64 bit) video card, a Firmtek
SATA card and a TI firewire card.  All have been working well under a
2.4.27 kernel from kernel.org (the only "non-standard" portion of my
installation).  Other parts of my setup: G3 375 MHz card, 1 GB RAM,
an IBM SCSI HD with Mac OS to boot the machine and a backup of my
installed system, and a Western Digital 36 G 10K RPM SATA drive with
my Debian "testing" installation.

A few weeks ago, I wanted to change the TI firewire card to a combo
USB-Firewire card.  Added all the modules to support USB and all the
functions on it I would need, but I ran into some issues.  I use the
firewire functions to backup my work, and I do a check by running a
recursive diff on the backup and original.  With the multi-function
card, I get differences in files that I have not touched in weeks,
and the differing files vary from check-to-check ...  I even tried
another brand of multi-function cards, but the results were the same.
And the integrity of the data was verified against a third copy on
another machine, as well as putting back the original 1394-only card
back in, and checking again.

I've tried moving cards around in various slots, etc, but to no avail.
The multi-function card does not seem to work.  I did notice one thing
when I ran lspci - it seemed the card created a 3rd PCI bus, on which
was the firewire and USB devices. Normally, I just have busses '0' for
the devices in the PCI slots and '1' for the motherboard devices. With
the multi-function card, lspci showed bus '2' also.  Is there another
special option I need to enable in my kernel .config file, or am I SOL
with the multi-function cards ?

I wanted to see if a 2.6 kernel would help, so I grabbed 2.6.9 (again
from kernel.org) but I lost the console video during bootup.  Is there
an issue with PPC framebuffers?  If so, I'd be willing to help program
and debug those, as I have 2 video chips on this mac I'd love to help
get working (better).



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