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Re: ibook 2.2 doesn't use whole battery

On  16 Dec, this message from Colin Leroy echoed through cyberspace:
>> Do you think it's an hardware problem (bad battery) or a
>> configuration error?
> I had this too and had to replace the battery. Before doing so you can
> try a few cycles - empty the battery completely (stop pmud or
> pbbuttonsd), charge it to full, etc.

You can also have a look at /proc/pmu/battery_0 and check the max_charge

My old battery was down to values below 1000; the new one was at 4200
initially (now down to 3944 after only some 30 charge cycles).

Stopping pbbuttonsd and pmud, then letting it drain all the way, should
make that figure go up a bit.

By the way, the voltage line is what indicates the shutdown point: the
batteries actually have a lowest permissible discharge voltage. Once
that is reached, the battery's internal controller will shut the battery
output off. But that point can lie way beyond 0% charge level.

Also, running with little discharge current (backlight turned way down,
for instance) will make it run for a long time, whereas high current
drain might make an old battery go into shutdown almost immediately.



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