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Re: building a multiarch gcc


> I haven't tried it, but the error does look familiar. I think this is
> the error you get when binaries get too many symbols. The TOC normally
> fits in a single 16bit offset window. If your binary gets too big, it
> can't use simple immediate offsets to access individual elements. I
> haven't seen that in quite a while, so I had thought gcc was smarter
> about it now. However, this sounds very similar. I'm sure that the
> java stuff is very large, with an insane number of symbols in a
> single library. There were command line options to gcc to make it
> assume that it needed to handle these differently. Try adding
> -mminimal-toc to the gcc command line for all the object files.
> There are some other related options listed in the man page.

Yep, Alan Modra fixed binutils at some stage so it could create multiple
TOCs and -mminimal-toc isnt required.

With older binutils the gcc -mminimal-toc option is the way to go.


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