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Re: Powerbooks in Firewire mode

> When I connect a mac in firewire mode to the Vaio, two "scsi" disks
> appear: a small one with 3 partitions and a large (80G) one with 10.
> The second one is obviously the actual hard disk but I'm curious to know
> 	a) If I connect two macs, can I just read from the second scsi
> 	device from the first mac and write to the second scsi device
> 	from the second mac?

That's the plan. You won't be able to do a raw copy (image copy of the
whole disk or single partitions) that way, just acces the filesystem as
normally. I'm pretty sure 'filesystem' is limited to what OF knows about,
so no Linux ext2/ext3 copying.

> 	b) What's the first, smaller scsi device?

Partition table and driver partitions, would be my guess.


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