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Re: keyboard confusion

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 the mental interface of
Mich Lanners told:

> On  13 Dec, this message from Elimar Riesebieter echoed through
> cyberspace:
> > for some reason there are 2 keys permuted on my AlBook keyboard.
> > 
> > This is for console and X11 de-qwertz-no-deadkeys:
> > 
> > Key 94 ( responsible for ^°) has changed with key 60 (<>|).
> Hmmm... is that the key swapping thing for ISO keyboards? Where are
> those keys located on your keyboard?

<> between shift and y (qwertz layout)
^° lefthand of 1

> AFAIR, teh '<>' key is an additional key on European (ISO?) keyboards
> vs. Amercian keyboards, and there is some key swapping logic involving
> that key and one other key (AFAIR, the one left of '1').
> Check your kernel boot messages, if there is a difference to the
> messages related to your keyboard detection.

$dmesg | grep key
ADB keyboard at 2, handler 1
Detected ADB keyboard, type ANSI.
input: ADB keyboard on adb2:2.c3/input

I can't compare this to a previous behaviour.
I found 5 atkbd. options to boot the kernel, but none can switch the
type ... (As I don't know which type it has to be).



  >what IMHO then?
  IMHO - Inhalation of a Multi-leafed Herbal Opiate ;)
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