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"Can't locate module radeon" error as I seem to be missing radeon.o ?

Hi All

When I startx I get an error message "Can't locate module radeon"
X has been working fine for several months with my XF86Config-4 file. The problem is not likely to be due to any apt-get upgrades. I used the machine a few times yesterday and it was shutdown between uses. Then that evening I get the error when I try to start X.

modprobe: Can't locate module radeon
[drm] failed to load kernel module "radeon"

I'm running a 2.4.23 benh kernel and that hasn't been changed.
I can understand why X is failing as modprobe can load the radeon.o module but why would that suddenly fail when I hadn't changed kernels or other things?

I can attach the X logs and my config file in case its an X prob but I presume that the problem is that the radeon driver can't be loaded.

Michael Lake
Chemistry, Materials & Forensic Science, UTS
Ph: 9514 1725 Fx: 9514 1460

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