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USB drive mount problems (udev+2.6.9)

When I connect my 512Mb pen drive at my PowerBook G4 (15" PB5,2), the
udev system creates automatically /dev/uba and /dev/uba1
When I mount /dev/uba1 (/dev/uba1 is a vfat filesystem) everything works
great, I can read and write my pen drive. But when I tried to unmount,
(if I wrote some data to the flash device) the light of the pen drive
starts blinking very quickly for ever and I'm unable to unmount my pen
It appears to be a sync problem.
If I power down my PB, in the pen drive I have the files transfered to
the device but with 0 bytes size.
It is not problem of my pen drive, because if I use mtools works great.
Same problem with a compact flash.
Any idea?

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