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Re: hotplug: unmounting a firewire external hard drive

On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 02:04 -0800, Adam Done wrote:
> I have noticed that when I plug in an external firewire hard drive the
> proper modules do not get loaded with hotplug and I had to load the
> modules with /etc/modules when booting.  I have also noticed that after
> unmounting the hard drive and then unplugging it, hotplug does not
> unload the modules and then deletes devices blocks sda-sda9 under /dev?
> I then have to go back and put the /dev block back in /dev?
> I am still learning about hotplug.  I am wondering if it is working
> properly?  Has anyone else seen this too?

UPDATE:  I have udev started at boot with hotplug, dbus-1,

Now when I turn on the external firewire burner udev creates a sr0 and
then after using it I turn off the unit (it is a really noisy Lacie) and
then I turn it back on to use it again and udev creates the sr0 again
but after doing this a couple of times with any firewire device, udev
stops creating the block devices like it is telling me I used up my
limit and will not work again for me until I reboot.  Last night I got
every thing working burning a cd with nautulis but after doing nothing
to the system it on its own deciceds not to work.  It is like udev puts
time limits

I can get things to work here and there but for some reason, which I
can't find out, it does not work again.


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