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Re: TEST: Sleep patch #6

On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 15:06 -0200, Federico Gamio wrote:
> With patch #6 in some random situations, my PowerBook G4 (ATI 9600)
> doesn't goes to sleep.
> One situation is:
>  - Turn PB
>  - Work
>  - Sleep
>  - 14 hours of sleep
>  - Turn back from sleep (perfect, no problem at all)
>  - Work for 4 hours (mails, www, no USB, Bluetooth, etc)
>  - Try to sleep and problem...
> When I try to make sleep my PB, nothing happens (in X), and I can't
> switch from X to console.
> Sorry, I can't help you more with this bug, I will keep trying to
> establish which are the events that trigger this bug.

Something might be holding the console switch maybe ... 

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