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Re: bootsplash

Quoting David Rodriguez <david@asturlinux.org>:

> Of course, not problem.
> The main thing you must put in your yaboot.conf is to tell the kernel to
> switch to a 1024x768 and 32 depth framebuffer and link that kernel with
> the initrd you've created with the splash utils.
> boot=/dev/hda4
> device=/pci@f4000000/ata-6@d/disk@0:
> partition=6
> root=/dev/hda6
> timeout=100
> install=/usr/lib/yaboot/yaboot
> magicboot=/usr/lib/yaboot/ofboot
> enablecdboot
> macosx=/dev/hda3
> image=/boot/vmlinux-2.6.9
>        label=Linux
>        read-only
>        initrd=/boot/initrd-bs  <--- This and next are bootsplash related
>        append="root=/dev/hda6 video=radeonfb:1024x768-32 splash=silent"
> As you see, most things are not related here, but I've put the full
> yaboot.conf file.
> And the themes you can find them in the bootsplash page:
> http://www.bootsplash.de/
> Downloads section:
> http://www.bootsplash.de/files/
> Actually I'm using this theme:
> http://www.bootsplash.de/files/themes/Theme-DangerGirl.tar.bz2

I tryed this, but with no success. Again I got the

bootsplash: scanning last 2MB of initrd for signature
bootsplash 3.1.4-2004/02/19-spock-0.1: looking for picture... no good
signature found.

So let's have a look at the kernel. I use 2.6.9 from kernel.org with the
patch [1] from bootsplash.de . Can you probably send me your .config?

by, Martin

[1] http://www.bootsplash.de/files/bootsplash-3.1.4-sp3-2.6.9-rc4.diff

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