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Re: entering sleep mode quietly/non-verbose

On Thu, 2004-12-02 at 17:44 +0100, Timo Reimerdes wrote:
> >  Holger (who likes debug infos - but who also likes to turn them off -   
> > sometimes ;) 
> Of course turning debug info on and off is a nice feature to have, but
> that might have to wait until it's officially in the kernel. And like
> bootsplash for yaboot or such its probably just graphical niceness.
> But yes... opacity can look a lot more professional *g*

I don't plan to change that tho. We have good reasons to switch away
from X back to console as X tend to do bad things that I won't enumerate
here. Removing that would require some significantly reworked
interaction between X and the kernel and may not be suitable for all
suspend modes (some x86 junk do actually require the screen to go back
to BIOS-like text mode for suspend).

So I have no real incentive to change that, besides, it's not like sleep
was stable enough on all machines yet :)


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