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Re: Powerbook produces a lot more heat after kernel upgrade

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El 30 nov 2004, a las 16:43, Jaume Sabater escribió:

Rogério Brito wrote:

This is without running any frequency scaling at all (no powernod, cpydyn, or cpufreqd), and also without spinning down the hard drive.

I can't tell about powernod, but the author of cpudyn is a friend of mine and he did it because he didn't like cpufreqd. I am using cpudyn on my G3 800 MHz rev 2.2 and it works fine (with laptop-mode tools).

Hi all.

I'm having same problem with my iBook G4. Now with kernel 2.6.9 fan is almost always running. I've looked at cpu heat and is over 50, normal 53-54 degrees. I'd like to know if it's posible to set cpu limit to 55 in order to fan stops. With OSX fan runs almost never doing same things (mail, browser, editor, etc) as in Linux. I don't know if setting cpu limit to a higher value would be a problem, I don't like to fry my iBook. I remember that with previous kernels it was different and fan only ran from time to time.

Anything about it?

PS: I've applied patch to get sleep mode working, and it works great.

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