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Re: sarge install help on 9600MP

On Dec 01 2004, Russell McManus wrote:
> After booting the sarge install kernel successfully via bootx, I
> switch to a virtual console, and try:
>   modprobe mace
>   FATAL: Module mace not found

Weird. I don't know if the vanilla kernel that is distributed with sarge
has mace compiled as a module or in the kernel proper, but what happens if
you try to issue "ifconfig -a"?

I will probably be getting a bit more RAM for a 9500MP that I have here (it
is really low on memory and compiling a kernel for it isn't a pleasure with
the amount of RAM that it has) and try to install sarge on it in the next
few weeks (I hope to install it by the 15th of December). I'll try to
document whatever I do, for leaving as a reference to fellow users of

Rogério Brito.

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