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installing debian on IBM 43P-150 (CHRP)

Hi all !
Sorry for my bad english.....

I sucessfully installed a woody on a 43P-140 which is a true prep machine with 
a bootable diskette from Leigh Brown. All's fine. Thanks to him.

I am trying now on a 43P-150.

It's a CHRP machine Leigh tolds me.(Leigh's diskette wont boot: immediate 
return from OF to prompt).IBM says CHRP also.

Leigh told me to go to debian's site and use boot image from 

So I downloaded boot.image and dd'ed it on a floppy

OF: boot floppy seems to read one block from the diskette and stops.

I tried others boot image I founded on the site: always the same.

I searched the archives of the list but with no success.

Are theese images prep only ? Should I try a net boot ?

Thanks for advise.


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