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Problems booting kernel on IBM RS/6000 7043-140


I've got problems starting the unstable kernels on my 7043-140.

1. Trying to netboot
results in:
  BOOTP S = 1  R = 1
  FILE: /rs6000/boot

  DEFAULT CATCH!, code=fff00000 at   %SRR0: 0021c8c8   %SRR1: 0000b030
I doesn't look like the workstation actually downloads more than a small
part of the image.

On the web I found something saying that arp requests can interrupt the
tftp transfer, so I added a fixed arp entry:
	arp -s 08:00:5a:93:c3:da
No change...

I am able to download the image using a tftp client on my PC - so it's not
a problem with the tftpd setup.

2. Trying the floppy image
just gives me an 'ok' response but nothing actually happens.

Any hints? What am I doing wrong?

I have been able to boot the workstation with the kernel and debian root
disk available at:
That (woody) root disk's fdisk complained about the partition table to be
incompatible though. Do current kernels/fdisks know how to handle AIX
partition tables?


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