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Re: Busdevice, Radeon 7000 and No Screens Found

On Fri, 19 Nov 2004 froinds@bellsouth.net wrote:

> Hi
> I installed Debian 3.0 r3 woody on a Beige G3 with a Radeon 7000 PCI  
> card. No Xwindow yet. It tries to start and then it asks me to  
> reconfire it.
> I did list -v and gives me a list with:
> 00.00.00
> 00.0d.00   <<<<<My card
> 00.10.00 <<<Built-in card
> 00.12.00 \
> When I enter 00.0d.00 into the configuration (PCI:00.0d.00), it says  
> that it can only be numbers. The configuration I have is with  
> PCI:00.13:00 but the logs say NO SCREENS FOUND.

Try setting it to PCI:00.12:00  and see what happens.  I dealt with this 
several times w/ my 9600 and I always had to back it down one from what I 
thought it should be.  I'm sure someone has a good explanation for it (0 
based array perhaps?)


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