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Re: error IO in /tmp

Giovanni Ridolfi wrote:

Vincent Hanquez wrote:
Giovanni Ridolfi wrote:

After today's update my user doesn't have access to /tmp,
so I can't run either mutt or firefox anymore :-(
I can run them as root without problems.
Moreover I've just found a  temporary "solution" (bleah) by
writing in the file /etc/profile the line:
export TMPDIR=~

ls -l / | grep tmp

is your /tmp got drwxrwxrwt mode (farther left column) ?
if not run chmod 01777 /tmp as root, it should do the job.
done, just to be sure ;-), but nothing changes.

If I try to open/save a message my mail editors give this error: 1) emacs:
IO error writing /tmp/mut.... No space left on device
2) vim:
error opening swap file
error in writing, full file system?

So what does 'df' tell you?

If you are able to continue with "root" this is propably only because root may write to some square space when the filesystem is already full for other users.

You should just free up some space on your harddisk....


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