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openoffice freezes opening up a writer, spreadsheet or presentation

I  have been trying to figure out how and why when starting openoffice
from the menu in gnome to start the writer, spreedsheet or presentation
directly it freezes on me.  I  can start it up in the terminal
with /usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice but when I start to open an
existing or new document it just freezes on me till I kill the

I  have:

1.  uninstalled all open office directories and reinstalled but that
does not help.

2. remove the .sversionrc file and .openoffice directory and start it,
the same happens

3.  ran /usr/lib/openoffice/program/setup from the terminal and then
staring it but the same thing happens

3. researched to see if anyone else is having the same.. nill

4. It runs well on my desktop G4 without a glich but on my G4 PB it has
not run in a while and it is my primary office suit

I think for some reason I have something installed that is conflicting
with openoffice but even looking at aptitude I can't see what could be

Does anyone of any sujestions 


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