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Re: Test patch for sleep on Aluminium PowerBooks

On Thu, 2004-11-11 at 03:01 -0200, Federico Gamio wrote:
> Hi,
> My 15" PowerBook (5,2) (1.25Ghz) can't resume from sleep.
> I have unstable Debian with 2.6.9 + alubuttons-patch +
> albook-sleep-patch
> I use pbbuttonsd 6.3-1 (no pmud because you can´t install both) and
> cpudyn 1.01
> I use XFS filesystems, and the last test with 2.6.9 + swsusp-patch make
> my XFS root filesystem inconsisten (good bless xfs_repair :)
> Right now I am using 2.6.9 WITHOUT swsusp support.
> If I put "echo disk > /sys/power/state" the system hibernate, but if I
> put "echo mem > /sys/power/state" nothing happens (I read that it is
> suppose to make the system sleep).
> If I press briefly the power buttons, then the systems apparently goes
> to sleep and the white led starts changing his intensity like in MacOS
> The problem is that I can't wake up the computer, no mater what I do
> (press any key, move the mouse, press the power button briefly, stand up
> on the power button) nothing works, the PB stays dead for about 2-3
> minutes and then it reboots and boots up normally, like if I turned up.
> I am missing something?
> I have to configure something else?
> There is no special configuration in the default pbbuttonsd debian
> package for suspend-to-ram.

The 2-3 minutes thing means it panics probably.

It may be waking up, but with the brightness left at 0... try pressing
repeately on "low brightness" until it reaches 0, then slowly back up.

I'm not sure what's up, it works fine for others with the same machine,
I've been reported.

You should avoid mixing the swsusp patches with my sleep patch, that may
be the problem.

BTW. What is the "alubuttons-patch" ?


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