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Re: hang on laptop mode during boot

On Mon, 8 Nov 2004 02:47:06 +0000, Tommy Trussell
<tommy.trussell@gmail.com> wrote:
> I did an update today to whatever is the latest on testing and now my
> 1998 PowerBook G3 Series (Wallstreet / PDQ) hangs during boot at the
> "initializing laptop mode" line.

I saw (in the other thread) that others ARE having trouble with laptop
mode scripts after the update. In case someone finds this thread --
since I'm running an oldworld Mac I went into BootX and added "single
ro" to the end of the kernel prompt. (I probably didn't need to use ro
but I saw it on a grub menu item on a PC and it didn't seem to hurt.)
Then I deleted the symlink to laptop mode in /etc/rc2.d/ and the
system was able to come up normally.

Next I need to figure out whether/how to downgrade that package. I am
a bit uncertain what's handled by laptop mode vs pbbuttonsd -- maybe I
don't need laptop mode at all?

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