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Re: True state of support for 12" iBook G4

Arne Caspari wrote:
Jérôme Marant wrote:

Quoting Emanuele Olivetti <olivetti@itc.it>:

I'm not an expert but D-Link dwl-122 works pretty well. Cheap, small,
11Mbit so 802.11b.

It seems it's not possible to use another mini-PCI wireless card
because apple mini-PCI slot is not standard :( . On new ibooks (from
last week on) airport extreme is built-in and maybe it is not possible
to remove it (can someone chek it out?). So usb seems the only solution
right now.

I'm amazed. What's the point buying hardware you won't be able to use
and which forces you to buy additional hardware?
How about refusing to play Apple's game instead?

You will not find a sub-notebook which plays nicely with linux for the price of an iBook G4.

Sleep support will not work on most other notebooks either - with the apple you might get suspend to disk working.

I would say that Linux support for the iBook G4 is rather good. The real drawback is that you can not use the airport extreme and you can not replace it with some mini-PCI card since the latest iBooks have some proprietary connector ( not mini-PCI ).

So for wifi, you need to get an USB adaptor.

And you should keep in mind that you can not run x86 binaries on this system ( since it is PPC ) which is a problem when it comes to certain browser plugins ( flash ) and video/audio codecs.

But if you want a real mobile notebook with long lasting batteries and low weight running Linux, the iBook is a good and certainly the cheapest choice.


That is true about the iBook. I have tried a few laptops that cost more
and were a hell of a hastle to setup under linux.

www.linuxlaptops.org (or whatever that site is), does help out with some
x86 laptops but it never had the ones that I ended up using.

Best Regards,

- Mick

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