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Booting powerbook g3 with VGA

I have a PowerBook G3/450MHz (pismo) with broken screen,
i intend to use the box as a mediastation if i am able to get the vga to
work. I have NO lcd-screen connected to the box.

Booting from the CD i try to append the video=aty128fb:crt:1,lcd:0
And my connected crt-screen shows a white screen (with some text, can't
exactly remember what) and the box begins booting the debian-installer (
i think, cant really see it, but it sounds like it uses the

I tried appending video=aty128fb:crt:1,lcd:1 aswell, with the same

Btw, if i boot the machine regularly with no extra params, the connected
VGA-Device remains black.

Anyone have any idea of how to get the VGA-Output working?

/David 'fenrus' Syk

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