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powerbook 12" and sleep

Le lundi 11/01/04 Guido Guenther <agx@debian.org> a écrit :
> > What is the pbook-12"-fake-sleep-2.6.diff for? Can it avoid the
> Not needed anymore.
> > powerbook to silently shutdown after some time when running on battery
> > with the lid closed?
> Sure. Have a look at /etc/pbbuttonsd.conf

On my pdduttonsd.conf I have :

onBattery_policy    = powersave
onBattery_sleep     = no
onBattery_coversleep= no
onBattery_Tsleep    = 300000    ; time in 1/10s
onBattery_Tdim      = 1000      ; time in 1/10s

But even with this, my powerbook shutdown after some time (~5 mins) when
the lid is closed.


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