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Re: Frech keyboard with xfree

On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 10:52:34PM -0400, Sébastien Mengin wrote:
> Le lun 25 oct 04 à 23:30, Sven Luther a écrit:
> > the console is not major problem, but this is still utterly broken in X, and
> > there is very little chance that it gets fixed nextly, unless either some
> > french mac user knowledgeable in X fixes it, or enough people bother the X
> > strike force to get it fixed (or both).
> One might use the .deb packaged by a french debian user here :
> http://www.lamenagerie.com/boite/informatique/extrasoft/xfree86-xkb-macfrnew_0.0.20010103_all.deb
Thanks for your reply. I finally install this xkb symbol and it's seems
to work perfectly when I'm not using gnome as a lot of people say here.
I hope this bug will be fixed sooner. I wanna help and do something
for that but I don't understand what's happen inside X and Xkb :-(


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