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Re: Test patch for sleep on Aluminium PowerBooks

> This is an experimental patch against 2.6.9. It concerns the ATI based
> Aluminium PowerBook. The nVidia based ones aren't concerned at all, and
> the iBook G4 will have to wait a bit more for me to get the video wakeup
> code right.
> It will add sleep (suspend-to-ram) support for these machines.
> It's based on various tested bits but is untested on these machines in
> it's current form, so let me know.

Works on the 17" G4 (5,5). I had to add asm/suspend.h manually but I
suspect that's just due to confusion in my repos.

The patch clashes with swsusp changes to radeon_pm.c (just remove the
if (!state == PM_SUSP_MEM) return 0; at the start of radeon_pci_suspend
before patching), I've disabled swsusp for the first try. A test with
swsusp enabled is next.

Thanks a whole bunch - I had even added swsusp support to pmud to work
around missing sleep. But sleep is so much faster :-)


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