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powerbook fan behaviour, therm_adt7467


I've got a question about the fan behaviour on powerbooks using the 
therm_adt7467 module: I've noticed that the fan seems the start correctly 
(when the cpu temperature reaches the given limit), however, it starts to 
spin pretty quickly, causing a lot of noise.

Under MacOS X, the fan spins a lot slower and is much more quiet in general. 
Since the quietness of these powerbooks was one of the things that turned me 
on in the first place, I'm interested in wether somebody managed to 
approximate the fan behaviour under OS X in linux, using the therm_adt7467 

I'm a bit scared about experimenting with the module parameters because I 
don't want to cause any heat-induced damage by having the fan work to 
inefficiently, yet I need to use the laptop in places were low noise levels 
are mandatory and I'm currently forced to rely on OS X there...

the powerbook in question is a 12", latest model, using a vanilla 2.6.9 
kernel, loading therm_adt7467 at boot time without any module arguments.

Georg Kaindl

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