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Re: irda-usb * kernel 2.6 * powerpc = 0 ?

On 2004-1025 10:03:48, Jens Schmalzing wrote:
> Hi,
> Guido Guenther writes:
> > > the problem is that on 2.4 I do have a irda-usb.o module, while on
> > > 2.6 debian powerpc [...]
> > irda-usb works fine here under 2.6, just enable it in the kernel config.
> I'm fairly sure that "2.6 debian powerpc" refers to the official
> Debian kernel-image package.  While it is possible for everybody to
> get missing drivers enabled, it's not as trivial as with a
> self-compiled kernel.

yes, this is exactly the case.  and I'm not a die-hard Apple fan.
I like the way this hardware looks like and I remember the times when
the 68000 was the academic example of how to construct a microprocessor
while the Intels were the counterexample.  yet, I've always been using
PCs until last february.  I have really an extremely limited knowledge
of what is behind this screen and I hardly have any idea of what some
questions in the kernel configuration are refering to.

anyhow: as Guido already pointed out, the module loads and works perfectly,
I'm curious to see if it can be loaded by default instead of ir-usb and
what other steps are stricly necessary and automatizable at boot time to
make syncronization a fairly simple task.

many thanks for the prompt reply!


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