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Re: XMMS, ALSA on a G4 iBook

On Mon, 2004-10-25 at 01:24 +0100, Sam Halliday wrote:
> i have had ALSA working fine on my G4 iBook since the initial install, but
> lately i have been noticing in XMMS that if the machine is doing something
> CPU intensive which causes a delay in the sound output of XMMS... then the
> sounds just dies there; it doesn't ever pick up where it left off. does
> anyone else experience the same? this doesn't happen on my x86 machine and
> it is incredibly annoying, as i will have to manually restart a playlist.

XMMS isn't exactly famous for its good ALSA support. I haven't had any
such problems on a TiBook IV with mpd, rhythmbox, totem, ogg123, ...

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