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Re: Still seeing if hfsplus is reliable with recent kernels (was: Re: 2-4-21-rc3-benh0 - hfsplus)

On Sun, 2004-08-08 at 19:01, Greg Hamilton wrote:
> I ran into trouble some time ago backing up data from a Linux server to 
> a Mac running OS X. I wasn't previously aware that HFS+ was case 
> insensitive. I solved the problem by using UFS. In my case the file 
> system was never directly mounted by a Linux system.
> OS X >= 10.3 supports case sensitive HFS+. You have to create the file 
> system from the command line as the option is not available in the GUI 
> tools.
> Try creating a new file system using something like this:
> $ newfs_hfs -v "Volume Name" -J -s /dev/devicename
> Unfortunately I don't know if the Linux hfsplus module supports this.
> Greg

I read some things about the HFSX (HFS+ with case sensitivity) and I am
wondering how I can mount it on Linux?  I get HFS_-fs: unable to find
HFS+ superblock when trying to mount and it fails when I try to mount
with $ mount -t hfs /dev/hda13 /mnt/x.  I would like to use and mount
the case sensitive HFS+ on my powerbook to use my hard drive space more
efficiently between the 2 oses.  Is this even possible even with the
2.6.8 kernel? 


PS.  I got HFSX from the table when I do mac-fdisk -l

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