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Re: [CUPS] Printing Sharing Problem

On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 09:35:11AM +0000, Matthieu Oppliger wrote:
} After edition of my cupsd.conf on G3 - (Allow as told in the
} Cups doc) - and installation and configuration of Gimp-Print and ESP
} Ghostscript on the G4, I can browse to to access my
} Epson from the G4, and print a test page.
} But if I try to print directly from the G4, the Printing Center does the
} job to print, and then try to access, without success.

In the cupsd.conf file on the G3 you must make sure that the G4's IP
address is allowed to access /printers. There is a section of the files
that starts looking a lot like an Apache config, with Location tags and
Allow and Deny directives and such. Make sure that the G4's IP address is
allowed for at least /printers. That should be sufficient. Don't forget to
restart cups on the G3. (Note that I have a MacOS X box happily printing to
a printer connected to a Debian sarge box, so it is both possible and
moderately easy.)

} Thanks in advance
} Matthieu

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