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Re: 2nd monitor output

Dear List,

i made some progress in the externl VGA-out problem, but one thing remains unclear:

ok, i have an
ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x (rev 02)

and using the m3mirror tool i can get an external vga monitor to display the open firmware startup message:

... ok
copying OF device tree...done
Calling quiesce ...
returning 0x1400000 from prom_init

Then i i tried to pass the kernel boot arguments: video=aty128fb::crt:1.lcd:1

and got on LCD: flickering screen
on external CRT: still only OF boot msg.

LCD and CRT are both at 1024x768

Dunno if i got this right: to mirror an X screen i need to change my XConfig file, right?

I don't really need a console on the external CRT.

thanks for the help!

Peter P.

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